This lovely girl loves our Coconut Sugar Scrub May 26 2016

When Carina Round says you should buy our Coconut Sugar Scrubs, you should listen to her, its good stuff!!! We also love Carina and think you should all go check her music. She has some pretty wicked solo albums and also happens to sing with one of our favourite bands PUSCIFER!

Thank you so much Carina for lathering up with our coconut scrubs and for letting the world know you love it! xo

She's right! - Use the code " lovelygirl " for 20% discount across the whole website until June 15th!


Well received at T.I.F.F.! September 15 2015

We are delighted to find out that not only did our Shiva's Delight swag make it to Laura again at the Toronto International Film Festival, she was also kind enough to share it on Instagram!

Laura Vandervoort ~Actor, Writer, Creator/Exec Producer of upcoming series "Super Duper Deelia," Daughter, Little Sis & Mom To My Dog Frankie. Canadian Werewolf in La.

This Meat Eater, is ready to go Vegan Clean ;) July 11 2015

Excitement! March 18 2015

Look who's Sensitive Skin Serum is on the table as part of the make up regime for a very famous actress whom I love! Can't say who as its a privacy contract thing, but she is a biggie and I am thrilled that my serum has touched her face. Thanks Kat Von Pire for including Shiva's Delight in your kit! You are amazing!

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Did someone say Organic? March 17 2015

Really excited to be using so many more organic ingredients! Here is a list of some of our organic ingredients! I have been slowly making the switch and hope to be 50% organic by the end of the summer! By 2017 I hope to be 100% organic. It does cost a lot more but I think it is totally worth it! I will also be working on the labels so they will show which ingredients are organic in each product!

organic hemp oil

organic cocoa butter

organic rosehip oil

organic virgin coconut oil (for butters and balms and scrubs)

organic argan oil

organic golden jojoba oil

organic tamanu nut oil

organic lavender flowers

organic evening primrose oil

organic cane sugar

organic sea buckthorn berry oil

organic pomegranet oil (I am making something new with this)

and I am sure there are more and I will list them when I go through my ingredients next week!

Shiva delights Bellini March 13 2015

Remember Paul Bellini, the very cool gent who wrote and often appeared in the show "kids in the Hall" and was a writer for the show " this hour has 22 minutes? Well I recently had the pleasure of meeting Paul and gifted him a whole bunch of Shiva's Delight products. He must have loved them because he wrote a blog about my stuff!

Wrestler Chaz Lovely Tried Our Beard Oil! February 22 2015

Cruelty free is the way to be February 04 2015

Joint and Muscle Balm November 27 2014

I just labeled another batch of Joint and Muscle Balm! This stuff is getting great reveiws! It is packed full of medicinal essential oils and extracts. When I design a product, my goal is to get as many active ingredients into it as I can, and in large enought amounts that they will be effective! Some of the incredible ingredients in this balm are, arnica, ginger root oil, frankincense, bay leaf, may chang, oregano, rosemary, eucalyptus, lavender, baobab tree extract and a whole lot more. It smells lovely and comes in a cute little jar! $20 and you only need a little bit so jar lasts a very long while! I will be bringing this with me to the Mulberry School Winter Fair this Kingston, Friday night from 6-9 and saturday from 10-3.

Feeling the love! November 23 2014

Rosehip French Clay Mask for me tonight! November 18 2014

I just wipped up a big batch of vegan Rosehip French Clay Mask with chammomile and hibiscus. This stuff is like heaven for your face! I am heading up to exfoliate then do one of these awesome masks right now!

Coming soon to the website!


Lime Juniper Bath Salts! November 17 2014

The very improved Lime Juniper Bath Salts! I took my old trusty recipe and decided to switch things up a bit. This is truly an eco luxurious product... made with mineral rich dead sea salt, pink himalayan sea salt, soothing epsome salts, essential oils of lime, juniper. lemon, grapefruit, neroli and jasmine.... and I even threw in some jasmine flowers! It smells divine like a gift from the heavens. I can't wait hop in a bathtub full of this awesome stuff. Exciting! I am also testing out new packing! I am trying them in larger plastic jars to make shipping much easier! So far I am very impressed and am pretty sure the world will love the new version of an old favourite! Keep an eye out for this product to make it on to the website!

Lime Bath Bombs On Set! September 21 2014

No, Thank You Laura! September 01 2014