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Casey Boyce

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Remember Paul Bellini, the very cool gent who wrote and often appeared in the show "kids in the Hall" and was a writer for the show " this hour has 22 minutes? Well I recently had the pleasure of meeting Paul and gifted him a whole bunch of Shiva's Delight products. He must have loved them because he wrote a blog about my stuff!

Wrestler Chaz Lovely Tried Our Beard Oil!

Casey Boyce

Cruelty free is the way to be

Joint and Muscle Balm

Casey Boyce

I just labeled another batch of Joint and Muscle Balm! This stuff is getting great reveiws! It is packed full of medicinal essential oils and extracts. When I design a product, my goal is to get as many active ingredients into it as I can, and in large enought amounts that they will be effective! Some of the incredible ingredients in this balm are, arnica, ginger root oil, frankincense, bay leaf, may chang, oregano, rosemary, eucalyptus, lavender, baobab tree extract and a whole lot more. It smells lovely and comes in a cute little jar! $20 and you only need...

Feeling the love!

Casey Boyce

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