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Casey Boyce

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Look who's Sensitive Skin Serum is on the table as part of the make up regime for a very famous actress whom I love! Can't say who as its a privacy contract thing, but she is a biggie and I am thrilled that my serum has touched her face. Thanks Kat Von Pire for including Shiva's Delight in your kit! You are amazing!Click on the photo to see more of the story!  

Did someone say Organic?

Casey Boyce

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Really excited to be using so many more organic ingredients! Here is a list of some of our organic ingredients! I have been slowly making the switch and hope to be 50% organic by the end of the summer! By 2017 I hope to be 100% organic. It does cost a lot more but I think it is totally worth it! I will also be working on the labels so they will show which ingredients are organic in each product! organic hemp oil organic cocoa butter organic rosehip oil organic virgin coconut oil (for butters and balms and scrubs) organic...

Shiva delights Bellini

Casey Boyce

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Remember Paul Bellini, the very cool gent who wrote and often appeared in the show "kids in the Hall" and was a writer for the show " this hour has 22 minutes? Well I recently had the pleasure of meeting Paul and gifted him a whole bunch of Shiva's Delight products. He must have loved them because he wrote a blog about my stuff!

Feeling the love!

Casey Boyce

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No, Thank You Laura!

Casey Boyce

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