Chocolate Tangerine body butter: This was my one and only go-to cream when I was pregnant. I tried other local and all natural brands, but Casey's was the hands down winner. When I ran out half way through my last trimester, I had her ship more because no other one would do. Not only did this cream sooth my itchy, stretching skin, but I didn't get one single stretch mark. I don't know if I can credit good genes or Casey for that one, but I have no doubt that it helped. I'm hoping to get pregnant again next year (fingers crossed) and I've already stocked up for it!

-Janna, Prince Edward County.

Being a rugged, manly, pro wrestler like myself, I'm constantly changing my look to stand out. One thing that's always changing, is my trademark facial hair. Recently I was introduced to Shiva's Delight Lime Juniper Beard Oil, and let me tell you, the first time I tried it, I was in love! My beard has never felt softer, or looked better than it does now! Plus, it feels great on your face and smells fantastic to boot! Not only do I use my Shiva's Delight Lime Juniper Beard Oil daily, but I've also recommended it to my fellow bearded pro wrestlers as well! It's the product that keeps on giving! Don't hesitate! Get your Shiva's Delight Lime Juniper Beard Oil now, and guaranteed, your beard will be thanking you for days to come!

-Chaz Lovely, Pro Wrestler On, Canada

"20 years. It has taken me over 20 years to find a skincare line that not only made my skin happy and healthy but that had a conscience for the world around us and all who dwell here. I have found this in Shiva's Delight. The amazing products she produces by hand are made with only the most natural and organic ingredients and are made with only the most reputably sourced materials on the planet. Something that is incredibly important to me and many others. I have so many personal favorites that it is really difficult to choose just a few but if I had to narrow it down to my absolute, cannot live without item's...they would have to be The Healing Balm which we use for everything from burns to eczema.. all of the handmade soaps that leave my skin so soft and hydrated and finally .Wonderful products, lovingly made by hand and with a heart!"

- Leeanne Hinch,  Kingston ON

"So far, my top 3 favourites are: the lavender calendula body Butter, tattoo balm, & lavender patchouli bar soap! I've only just started using these products & currently testing a new oil! I also am enjoying the eucalyptus bath salts! I'd also like to try the deodorants! Thank you so much!"

- Lacie Bansbach-Smith

"Casey, I receive many compliments because of your products! I use your lavender patchouli deodorant almost every day, and I often have people say, when they enter the room I happen to be in, "Ooh, it smells so nice in here!" Or, "You smell so good!" They always want to know what "scent" I wear. Yours is the only scent I wear!"

-JC Sharpe,  Kingston ON

"Absolutely in love with the lavender cedar wood deodorant! It works great my skin is so soft and it smells great !"

- Victoria Armstrong , Kingston ON

Can not live without moor mud soap!! Shrunk my huge pores in half and leaves my skin soft ♡

-Anna Vincent,  Kingston ON

One of my favourite products is the Lavender Calendula Body Butter. I started using it on my son when he was a newborn and would get horrible diaper rashes. No other product came close to working as well. It's scent is beautiful and the texture is gentle and smooth while applying. It would cure even the worst of diaper rashes over night. Truly amazing. I was so happy to find something local and safe to use. We couldn't live without it!

- Amanda McFarlane,  Kingston ON

I love the smell of lemon poppyseed soap. The poppyseeds feel great on my skin and I feel keeps my skin soft and clean. My favourite soap form Shivas Delight thus far.

- Michelle Lyons, Kingston ON

Tattoo Balm: The product has a wonderful aroma & glides over the skin when applying. The moisturisers leave the Tattoo & skin silky-soft for hours afterwards, without the tight-feel - the balm works with your body's natural moisturisers to create that extra-smooth feeling. The Tattoo Balm enhances the artwork & colours of the tattoo, & you only need to apply a thin layer! An excellent product!

- Lacie Bansbach- Kingston ON

I have relied on my Shiva's Delight Chocolate Tangerine Body Butter for show and photoshoot ready legs for several years now. I have had some great compliments and I'm always eager to share my secret weapon. It smells amazing and maintains an awesome shine on my skin without an overly oily feeling. I am an equal lover of my Shiva's lip balms that both my 9 year old daughter and myself use and LOVE. As a bonus, it feels great to support a fellow female entrepreneur!

-Miss Emily Kingston ON