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Autumn Rose Night Balm


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Shiva's Delight Autumn Rose Night Balm is made with antioxidant and nutrient rich plant extracts and oils to deeply replenish the skin leaving you nourished, radiant and soft. 


Directions:  Cleanse the skin then massage a small amount onto face and neck using a gentle circular motion until balm is absorbed.  Our balms are made with pure oils and butters so a small amount is all that is needed.  

Ingredients:  organic safflower oil, organic apricot oil, organic sweet almond oil, organic evening primrose oil, organic rosehip oil, organic pumpkin oil, rose damask extract, jojoba oil, organic pomegranate seed oil, organic sea buckthorn oil, natural vitamin E, palmarosa essential oil, jasmine sambac extract, jojoba oil, neroli extract, organic shea butter, cupuacu butter, candelilla wax, 

ALLERGY WARNING:  Contains nut oils. 

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