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Luxe Flora Facial Mist

Shiva's Delight

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Luxe Flora Facial Mist

Luxe Flora Facial Mist provides an invigorating, refreshing boost to bring out your skins  natural glow. This mist is an ultra fine spray that can be used morning, night and throughout the day. Full of antioxidant rich floral waters and botanical extracts to soothe and replenish stressed skin and refresh your complexion.

How to use:  Hold the bottle at half an arms length from your face, close your eyes and apply three pumps of mist to your complexion. You can use more if your skin is extra dry.  Use in the morning to hydrate and invigorate your complexion and during the day as a quick refreshing treat for your skin.  It can also be used before bed if you skin is needing some extra love. 

Ingredients: Rose Water, Neroli Water, Jasmine Sambac Extract, Jojoba Oil, Organic Frankincense Oil, Rosemary Extract.

Allergy Warnings: Made in a facility that uses nut oils and product may contain traces of nut oils. 

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