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Pink Himalayan Salt Soap Bar

Shiva's Delight

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Shiva's Delight Pink Himalayan Salt Soap Bar

Our Pink Himalayan Salt Soap Bar is made with French pink clay, nutrient & mineral rich sea salts, calendula petals and an incredible blend of essential oils and plant carrier oils!  This is one of our favourite soap creations and it smells so lovely. 

Ingredients: organic coconut oil, olive oil, avocado oil, organic castor oil, organic sweet almond oil, French pink clay, pink Himalayan sea salt, dead sea salt, poppyseeds, tangerine essential oil, palmarosa essential oil, organic sweet orange essential oil, neroli essential oil, calendula petals.



This product is vegan!

Allergy Warning: Contains nut oils.  Avoid contact with eyes.

We discovered Shiva's Delight wonderful handmade soaps at Casey's booth on Canada day in the Wellington park. Since then we've decided we're never going back to the massed produced crap we used before. The care and time that Casey puts in to her products are directly reflected in their quality. We would have gone through 3 bars of brand name soap in the time it takes to go through 1 of Shiva's Delight bars. They last forever! We also that love they are made from natural and whenever possible, local, ingredients. No perfumes or dyes here. Just the lovely and therapeutic aromas of essential oils. Mint, lime-juniper berry, lemon-poppy seed. Mmmmm!
Thank you Casey. Using your wonderful products adds enrichment to our daily lives. We're hooked!

- Jake & Janna B - Kingston, Ont.

Because of my skin history I try to use all natural products and stay away from chemicals. Because I am human I don't use products tested on animals. I found Shiva's Delight Pink Himalayan Salt Soap exceptional. As a Lushie, you can get stuck thinking that their soaps are the best of the best but, Lush has nothing on this soap. It has soft suds and exfoliates while you clean, something that I personally love. Not only that, but the Himalayan Salt throughout the bar leaves your skin feeling like you've just had a beautiful bath and convinces your muscles to relax. The smell is light, and, as a person who loves strong scents in the bathroom that doesn't make one bit of difference to me. I love this soap and will continue to use it as regularly as I can. I give Shiva's Delights' Pink Himalayan Salt Soap 9 out of 10 Bubbles only because I would like a stronger scent.

Happy Customer - Kingston, Ont.

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