Shoo Fly Body Oil

Shiva's Delight

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Shiva's Delight Shoo Fly Body Oil
Shiva's Delight Shoo Fly Body Oil is a lovely blend of essential oils and extracts from around the globe. It has an herbal earthy smell with a hint of lemon and is perfect for outdoor adventures.    After a long day in the sun apply some of this lovely oil to the skin for a soothing, moisturizing experience.  I like to use this oil around sunset it offers a scent experience that some say makes their evenings outdoors far more enjoyable!  The essential oils in this are quite strong so please do not use this oil if you are pregnant. Some of the essential oils in it have been known to help scare away pesky bugs but we do not sell it as a repellant and make no claims as such.
ingredients:  olive oil, non GMO soya oil, organic castor seed oil, organic neem oil, sesame seed oil, karanja seed extract, organic tea tree oil, lemon eucalyptus oil, rosemary oil, clove oil, organic cedarwood oil, camphor oil, geranium oil, organic peppermint oil, coriander seed oil, citronella oil, organic lemongrass oil
Warning: product manufactured in a facility that uses nut oils and may contain traces of nut oils. Contains Sesame oil. 
Warning: Avoid use if pregnant or breast feeding and do not use on  children under 24 months of age. The reason for this is that some essential oils can be quite strong and we want you to be careful!
Always do a test patch before fully applying.  Avoid contact with eyes.

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