Lavender Calendula Body Butter

Shiva's Delight

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Shiva's Delight Lavender Calendula Body Butter

Shiva's Delight Lavender Calendula Body Butter is a soothing moisturizing blend of nourishing plant butters and carrier oils mixed with calming and healing lavender and calendula extracts.  Made in small loving batches to ensure a wonderful, fresh, healthy product for the whole family.  It also makes a great diaper balm and is safe for cloth diapers.  It can also be used as a moisturizer, a massage balm, as a treatment for chapped skin and some women use as an intensive moisturizing treatment for their face.   This product is a customer favourite.

40g per jar

ingredients: organic  shea butter, organic cocoa butter, organic coconut oil, olive oil, organic sunflower oil, candelilla flower wax, organic apricot oil, organic avocado oil, organic safflower oil, organic rosehip oil, calendula extract, lavender essential oil, vitamin E

This product is vegan!

Allergy Warning: May Contain Traces Of Nut Oils and is manufactured in a facility that uses nut oils.



Like many moms, I have collected numerous creams and balms for my baby, but I ALWAYS go back to the Lavender Baby Balm by Shiva's Delight. Not only does it smell great, if my little one gets even a hint of diaper rash, this balm does the trick like no other. It's my all time favourite and I give it to all my friends that become new moms. It's safe to use with cloth diapers too, which is terrific.

- Nadine Collison - Victoria, BC.


The one & only natural product in my house, Shiva's Delight! I've known Casey for many years. She is one of my favourite people and is truly unique. When she started her company, Shiva's Delight, I knew it was a winner. My first sample product was her Tea Tree Facial Soap. My skin never felt so beautiful. I instantly became a fan and bought an entire bar along with the Chocolate Tangerine Body Butter. A few years later, I had my second child, and was introduced to Shiva's Delight's Lavender Baby Balm. This is my absolute favourite product! I always used it on my baby and he never once suffered from a diaper rash; also great when using cloth diapers. I've used it on myself & my daughter as well for dry skin on face or hands, or to help heal cuts quicker! I wouldn't trust my baby's delicate skin to anything else. Truly magical!

-Lindsay Oosten - Kingston, Ont.

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