Coconut Rose Body Sugar Scrub (limited edition)


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Coconut Rose Body Sugar Scrub (limited edition)

Our Coconut Rose Body Sugar Scrubs are made with the most luxurious ingredients.  This decadent scrub will  gently exfoliate the skin and leave deeply hydrated.  Made with organic sugars, plant oils and real rose extract with rose petals.  This scrub is simply divine! It smells like fresh coconut with a hint of rose!

ingredients:  organic cane sugar, organic coconut oil, apricot oil, organic shredded coconut, himalayan sea salt, organic hazelnut oil, safflower oil,  jojoba oil, rose damask flower extract, ground red rose petals, rosehip powder

Allergy Warning:  this scrub contains nut oils. Contenir D'huille de noix.

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