Shiva's Delighted Customer Reviews

When Shiva's Delight started years ago, I was intrigued and happily ordered some of the unique products Casey has designed. Living on the West Coast, I am surrounded by a multitude of "all-natural" products, but none are made with the care and quality that Shiva's Delight products are. Over the years, her products have only improved and become a testament to Casey's hard work and talent in skincare and scent mixing. I am looking forward to using her products for many years to come.

- Nadine Collison Victoria, BC.

The one & only natural product in my house, Shiva's Delight! I've known Casey for many years. She is one of my favourite people and is truly unique. When she started her company, Shiva's Delight, I knew it was a winner. My first sample product was her Tea Tree Facial Soap. My skin never felt so beautiful. I instantly became a fan and bought an entire bar along with the Chocolate Tangerine Body Butter. A few years later, I had my second child, and was introduced to Shiva's Delight's Lavender Baby Balm. This is my absolute favourite product! I always used it on my baby and he never once suffered from a diaper rash; also great when using cloth diapers. I've used it on myself & my daughter as well for dry skin on face or hands, or to help heal cuts quicker! I wouldn't trust my baby's delicate skin to anything else. Truly magical!

-Lindsay Oosten Kingston, Ontario


My sister gave me the Rose French Clay Beauty Bar to try out. I have tried other face soaps on the market but they always tend to dry my skin out and make my skin feel tight. Before trying this one I had noticed that my forehead was flaked with dry skin and no matter what cream I used or soap it just made it worse. After using the Rose French Clay Beauty Bar just a few times I noticed a complete different in my face the dry flaky patches were gone, my face no longer felt dry and tight. I even had girls at work commenting on how great my skin looked and asked for my secret. I told them Shiva Delights was my savior and now the only face soap I will use.

-Kimberley Crisp, Ontario


Lemongrass Jasmine bath bombs.  The smell alone will have you hooked.  These are my favourite things!  I put these in my bath after long or stressful days.  They leave your skin feeling silky smooth, and the aroma leaves you feeling relaxed and smelling absolutely wonderful.  These are a must have item.

-Carol Stever Picton, Ontario

 As you know, I am deodorant obsessed. I think I have 8 at last count, one in every purse etc. I started using it about 5 months before having my son 2 years ago as I knew I was going to be breastfeeding and didn't' want the possibility of chemicals from deodorant affecting him at all. It took my body a couple of weeks to adjust, but it's worked perfectly since then. I only have to apply once, maybe twice, a day. I love love love it.

-Sarah Whalen Downes Kingston, Ontario


Do you want to smell splendid, save animals and support a compassionate woman? Look no further! Shiva's Delight has the solution! Do yourself a favour and wrap your armpits in the glorious feel and fragrance of Lavender and Patchouli Vegan deliciousness! Cruelty Free Living at its best!

-Sharon Ash Kingston, Ontario