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Product Review: Shiva's Delight  |  Subscription Box Girl

Looking to pamper yourself? Check out Shiva's Delight and all their yummy self care goodies! They make vegan, organic, natural luxury skincare. You will never find chemicals or toxins in their products, no synthetic dyes or fragrances, and of course they don't test on animals like many of those big brands. By the way, how is that still happening? I was happily overwhelmed with their website and all the different options, so many fun things to try! They have products for bath and body, hand and foot, facial care, fragrances and men’s products too! They have a wild range of products, found some tattoo balm and beard oil in the men’s products, nail serum and food balm in the hand and foot products (mmmm love my Rosemary foot balm!!!). Lots of different flavoured body butters and body scrubs, I obviously went for the coconut body scrub which smells like heaven! They also carry many different deodorants, the one shown here is made with Indian neem oil and Australian tea tree oil! Lots of facial serums and mask too, I went for the clay mask! Casey was nice enough to send me some mini samples not shown here as well. One was an activated charcoal mask! Used it last night and my skin has never been so soft! A yummy smelling chocolate tangerine body butter too, mmmm. Can’t wait to try more!

Product Review: Shiva’s Delight Lemon Rosemary Deodorant  |  Air Eater

"... Cue the Lemon Rosemary Deodorant from Shiva’s Delight. I received this product and test tried it for a few days. Not only did I feel a bit dryer (even though it’s not an antiperspirant, but my pits smelt lovely! Yes, I am impressed. ..."

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Shiva delights Bellini  |

"... The Moringa Man Bar is meant for shaving, shampooing, body and face. I took a good shower with it, loving the clean sensation afterwards. I did make me feel just a tad more manly than usual.

The Lime Juniper Beard Oil offered a clean shave. I don’t necessarily like oils, preferring frothy shave creams, but this worked quite well. Casey should consider creating a nice after shave balm to go with it. ..."

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A Local Delight  |  The Purple Bean Blog

"... All natural, all vegan, all beautiful. These are handmade products that have made my skin smile.  I have had a whole realm of skin issues for a long time (dry, sensitive skin, psoriasis, acne, hormonal breakouts), and while my dietary changes have helped, they didn’t completely solve the issues.  I can honestly say my skin has responded better to this product line than any I can ever remember.  The owner and creator’s name is Casey Boyce, and she is very knowledgeable and approachable, with a huge smile and an even bigger passion for what she does. ..."

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