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Tea Tree Juniper Face and Body Soap

Shiva's Delight

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Shiva's Delight Tea Tree Juniper Face and Body Soap

Shiva's Delight Tea Tree Juniper Face and Body Soap is a wonderful addition to the skincare routine of those with acne prone skin.  This eco luxurious facial bar is made with our custom blend of essential oils, organic shea butter, avocado oil,  organic coconut oil and organic castor oil to gently cleanse without drying and has finely ground organic oatmeal for mild exfoliation.

This bar is another customer favourite! 


ingredients: organic coconut oil, linseed oil, avocado oil, organic shea butter, organic oatmeal, organic tea tree oil, juniper essential oil, lavender essential oil, organic castor oil, organic jojoba oil

This product is vegan!


Allergy Warning: May contain trace nut oils.


We discovered Shiva's Delight wonderful handmade soaps at Casey's booth on Canada day in the Wellington park. Since then we've decided we're never going back to the massed produced crap we used before. The care and time that Casey puts in to her products are directly reflected in their quality. We would have gone through 3 bars of brand name soap in the time it takes to go through 1 of Shiva's Delight bars. They last forever! We also that love they are made from natural and whenever possible, local, ingredients. No perfumes or dyes here. Just the lovely and therapeutic aromas of essential oils. Mint, lime-juniper berry, lemon-poppy seed. Mmmmm!
Thank you Casey. Using your wonderful products adds enrichment to our daily lives. We're hooked!

- Jake & Janna B - Kingston, Ont.

I have been purchasing products from Shiva Delight for quite a while now and have not been disappointed in anything. From the bath salts and bombs to the soaps and body butters these products are amaixng. The 3 products that have been amazing for me is the "All Purpose Healing Balm" which I have been using on my eczema and has done wonders for it. I recently bought the "Joint and Muscle Balm" as I have issues with my neck, shoulders and lower back and within about a 15 minute period it started to relieve my pain and I will not use anything other than this. There is not a strong smell and it doesn't burn the skin which is a huge benefit with the fact that I have very sensitive skin. The third product that I use faithfully is the "Tea Tree Juniper Face and Body Soap". Due to the fact I have rosacea on my face I have been limited in what I can use and since trying this soap as my facial regimen evening morning my redness is decreased and I don't have areas of soreness either. As a consumer i appreciate the dedication Casey has put into her products and is always looking for ways to make sure her products are all natural. It is a product line that I will continue to support faithfully.

- Oneta Wager - Belleville, Ont.

The one & only natural product in my house, Shiva's Delight! I've known Casey for many years. She is one of my favourite people and is truly unique. When she started her company, Shiva's Delight, I knew it was a winner. My first sample product was her Tea Tree Facial Soap. My skin never felt so beautiful. I instantly became a fan and bought an entire bar along with the Chocolate Tangerine Body Butter. A few years later, I had my second child, and was introduced to Shiva's Delight's Lavender Baby Balm. This is my absolute favourite product! I always used it on my baby and he never once suffered from a diaper rash; also great when using cloth diapers. I've used it on myself & my daughter as well for dry skin on face or hands, or to help heal cuts quicker! I wouldn't trust my baby's delicate skin to anything else. Truly magical!

-Lindsay Oosten - Kingston, Ont.

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